Use the Shping Widget to link your presence in any digital touch-point;
any search link, local guide, social page, marketplace or banner ad,
to drive sales to your store!

Shping Me


The Shping Widget provides online to offline sales attribution. It enables merchants and brands to promote and measure specific digital campaigns, (online, offline or both) without disrupting in-store pricing activity.

Make your marketing measured and specific. You can deliver a special price, a purchase discount, a reward or rebate down to an individual person or store. You can target (or retarget) an offer via any digital media, including email, based on an action or response, or to a specific group or geo-location.

The Shping Widget does what you need it to do. It is retailer agnostic, or channel specific. It can deliver any deal, any price, any reward, in any marketplace*.

Omni-channel  –  Customer-centric

With the Shping Widget, iMobileMedia helps to define the relationships your customers have, not only with your brand, but with your message. The Shping Widget makes your digital marketing measurable.

Sal’s Styles is a fictional example.

*subject to marketplace facilities / policies.





Online Marketplaces


Banner Ads


Local Guides


Search Engines


Google Plus


Sal’s Styles, has a digital footprint that is spread far and wide.

The Shping Widget rounds up Sal’s digital presence, with a common call to action that drives traffic into her stores,
so she’s effectively selling clothes in all her digital touch-points – O2O – 24/7 – 365

How does it work?

The Shping Widget can implement a national promotion campaign in just a few hours.

1. Load Offer

1. Load Offer

iMobileMedia will upload your offer banner (400×400) and description into the Shping system. (dashboard soon)
2. Get Widget

2. Get Widget

A dedicated link created for each offer, to be inserted behind any creative image or button.
3. Call to Action

3. Call to Action

Shping Me is a button that, that captures and saves the offer to activate the sale at a time of the shopper’s choosing.

A simple way to implement any promotion!

An omni-channel, customer-centric, mobile mechanism to engage, acquire and retain customers!

A Mobile Coupon

The Shping Widget can function as a simple digital coupon, saved from your ad to the shopper’s phone. The banner can carry a barcode, linked to a POS system promotion price or discount.

A Sales Promotion

The Shping Widget carries the communication, captures and verifies the sales transaction at any store, then delivers the reward based on the specified purchase activity. It can deliver FuelCents or PinMoney or any rebate value. It can also carry a coupon code or link to any digital or physical gift.

Sticky Promotion Communication

Your ad banner might only be visible for a moment. The Shping Widget enables the shopper to save and share your promotion, driving specific activity in store, becoming part of the shopper’s journey.

A better user experience.

Marketers are not the only ones frustrated by the fragmentation of digital touch-points and messages.
Shping gathers together, the messages people receive around their favourite brands and stores. It creates a truly personal shopping program, that enables shoppers to capture and accumulate more value, across their entire shopping journey.



A simple click connects to a landing page that details the opportunity and terms of the offer.


One tap registration, through Facebook, or enter an email & password. If you are already on Shping, the login is auto-saved.


The transaction is verified either by zapping the receipt with the smartphone camera, or the store scanning the barcode.