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Create your own personal shopping mall!

Shping is a digital marketplace, where people create and build their own shopping network. Instead of joining store owned programs for thirty different merchants, people set up their own loyalty program and invite their favourite local stores to join.

Most retail marketing targets all the customers for each store. Shping provides highly cost effective marketing because it is entirely customer-centric. It approaches marketing by aggregating all the stores for each customer.

Shping engages shoppers by harnessing the value of their relationships with merchants, as their journey morphs between online or local store experiences. People gain more value by collecting special offers, deals and fuel rewards from all the merchants that supply their home.

Presenting your business on Shping, opens the opportunity for local shoppers to connect and invite your business to join their shopping network. Shping already represents a wide cross section of major retailers, through affiliate marketing programs. There’s also a variety of the best new e-retailers from Australia and overseas.

On Shping, people identify themselves as local customers. Their invitation tells the merchant:  “I am interested in great weekly offers or any special deals you may have. Each business that joins my program is provided a showcase in my personal shopping mall.”

For shoppers, the ability to capture and manage their shopping transactions across channels, aggregates real value and rewards. At the same time it provide rich insights and a personal connection for their merchants.

Showcasing your business on Shping, engages local people looking to build their shopping network. Merchants on Shping get a clear view of customers, early in the shopping process. Because people use digital devices to source information as well as to shop, we optimise each business’ digital presence and publish rich and engaging content, framed around the shopping journeys of their customers. The Shping marketplace also offers shoppers a magazine, visual retail therapy. Stories and beautiful products, for your body and your home, framed just for you from the retailers of the world, or the stores down the street.

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