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What makes iMobileMedia’s zap system unique, is its clever use of mobile devices to carry the communication, capture the transaction and deliver the reward. This makes it ideal for the digital environment of affiliate marketing. ScanZap™ and OneZap™, enable people to record their shopping transactions, using an image of their purchase receipt, or by scanning a barcode on the receipt.Transaction details are digitised, with all sales reported on a dashboard that enables full analytics for each merchant.

Each member’s purchase history is tracked across categories and channels with a link back to each receipt, as a secure record to verify the purchase.

The zap process is simple. You don’t need to save a coupon or have a special card.

The ScanZap system does not require any integration with POS systems. In fact, no interaction is required with store sales staff. There’s no vouchers, cards, coupons, or app downloads.The zap system can reward any sale transaction. It can deliver digital rewards such as airline points, music, movies or games. iMobileMedia has created two trademarked digital currencies called FuelCents™ and PinMoney™. These universal rewards are non-cash digital values, that accumulate and can ultimately be redeemed as cash, in return for a subsequent action or purchase.

Rewards for in-store purchases can now be presented and redeemed through any digital or social media. You can therefore present FuelCents offers on your Facebook page. The system does not require bespoke apps, so it is device agnostic. It does not require any systems integration, nor even the participation of the business where a reward might be redeemed. This makes it totally retailer agnostic. FuelCents therefore, can be redeemed at any petrol station and PinMoney can be ‘virtually’ traded for anything your heart desires.



ScanZap has received international recognition, being one of just four finalists in the mobile commerce innovation awards at Ad-tech San Francisco 2013. It also similarly represented at the Mobile Commerce World forum, also held in San Francisco. The ScanZap system has two patents pending.