1. Demographic and purchase information may be accumulated by Shping or the Platform in respect of a Member’s Program, in order to attract and leverage benefits and deliver targeted rewards on behalf of the Member. iMobileMedia collects a Members’ personal information in accordance with these Terms in order to conduct the Program.
  1. When a person registers to claim an offer delivered by Shping or the platform, they are inviting a business to provide them with a specific benefit. They join the Program and become a Member. The terms and conditions of both the Program and any specific offer, are disclosed and accepted as a condition of participation and to receive that benefit or reward.
  1. The business presenting an offer may already hold and use personal information of a Member, such as their name and contact details in order to communicate the initial offer. All information subsequently provided by the Member or accumulated by iMobileMedia, as the operator of the Program, is only for the use of the Member and iMobileMedia in order to conduct the Program. iMobileMedia undertakes not to sell or otherwise provide a Members’ personal information to any other person, organisation or corporation other than as specified in these Terms or the terms and conditions of a specific Offer, (for example for the provision of utilities or services) unless expressly directed by the Member via the Platform or in writing.
  1. In order to maximise the benefits, Offers, savings and rewards that are available to a Member, iMobileMedia may release demographic and purchase insights relating to a Member’s Program, referenced only by the Member’s Account Number. Any such information is only available to Participating Merchants invited by the Member to join their Member Program. Any communication between Merchants and Members is therefore only by invitation of the Member and only via the Member’s Program.
  1. As you browse iMobileMedia platforms and the Participating Merchants you invite to your program, advertising cookies are used to track what interests you. Our display advertising partners, then enable us to retarget advertising to you on other media sites, based on your previous interaction and interests. You are able to clear any cookies at any time by using the clear cookies settings on your browser.
  1. You may contact us at to request details of any information we hold. You may also request that we modify or delete any records.


  1. Payments made or enabled via or are managed through St George Bank PayWay system or PayPal. All transaction data is communicated via HTTPS with 128-bit encryption and each message is digitally signed. A digital certificate is provided to each customer for this purpose. No credit card data is stored on Shping or any iMobileMedia systems or platforms.
  1. Members can update their Member Account details via a Platform application or website. Member Accounts for other iMobileMedia or OneZap Platforms are held in common and updating one account automatically updates the other. Where any update or change cannot be made by the Member on the platform, a request to access, update or correct any information held about a Member should be directed to the email address:
  1. This Privacy disclosure should be read in conjunction with the full Terms and Conditions of the Program.