Our Team

Rob Keogh


Robert Keogh is founder of iMobileMedia and creator of the zap technology and Shping. His youthful appearance belies his experience since the mid eighties in retail marketing and technology, working with independent and major retailers as well as leading brands.

Dan Weinert

champion developer

At heart, our Mr. Weinert is a geek. He spent much of his childhood taking electronics apart to see how they work. Dan now spends most of his time learning new technologies and methodologies aiming always to produce the best possible software, from design to deployment.

Zar Shardan

.net developer

With over 16 years in digital electronics development, spanning across various industries, Zar Shardan always strives to find the most efficient solutions to tasks at hand seeking all available tools and technologies. Zar loves beautiful code and hopes this love is mutual.

Samantha Tannous


Samantha Tannous could shop for Australia, online or in store, anywhere in the world. As a writer of 20 years, Sam is now on the lookout for any information and advice that will improve our Shping members’ shopping and rewards experience

Dean Goddard

champion developer

At age 12, Dean started coding on the Commodore 64. Now a vastly experienced developer, Dean is a champion in system analysis and application development. Always seeking the best of breed practices and strategies, to bring applications to market quickly.

Daniel Halldorsson

frontend ux / designer / developer

Flash developer turned open standards guru with a passion for making complexity appear simple. With years of experience in both programming & design, Daniel is happiest when knee deep in front end code, designing print and interface creative, or planning complex UX flows

Dwight Mowbray

javascript / UX developer

Dwight is a veteran software developer with a passion for web, mobile and usability. He’s strangely into JavaScript and all its quirks. He has been known to sport a fabulous moustache, and randomly breaks out into Japanese to confuse and bedazzle bystanders.