FuelCents . . . a high value, low cost reward

Fuel is a proven performer in influencing purchase decisions. Coles and Woolworths offer just a 4c/L saving, at their supermarkets. The result is their petrol stations sell 50% of Australia’s petrol, from just 20% of the country’s outlets*. Supermarket fuel shopper dockets can be redeemed at approximately 1,200 petrol stations, FuelCents can be redeemed nationally at over 2,000 petrol stations, guaranteeing price choice, at major or independent outlets around every suburb. *source: Australian Institute of Petroleum

The value perception of fuel savings is effectively leveraged by iMobileMedia to deliver FuelCents as a low cost, high value reward. FuelCents presents a maximum claim value of 80 litres. Fashion or specialty retail merchants on Shping pay 7.75% affiliate commission, while shoppers receive a 10c/L saving on a $100 purchase. This offer delivers customers a headline value of “Save up to $8.00”. While the advertising, loyalty program, claim administration and the fuel rewards combined cost the merchant just $7.75! FuelCents packages are also available at lower rates for high volume, low margin categories.

FuelCents also presents great customer acquisition headlines: “Switch to XYZ_BRAND and save 20c/L for 12 months.” The offer presents a claim of <80 litres each fortnight for 12 months. This pays a genuine $16 saving on 26 claims = $416 reward value. Cost to the brand is less than half the reward value. Pricing may vary based on the offer mechanic and claim rates, but the low fixed cost is achieved through participation slippage and average litres purchased each fill.

FuelCents on FuelZap


FuelZap is a white label application available to be customised for any retailer or reward group. It’s touchpoint is fuel savings. It aims to list the cheapest fuel nearby and presents motoring features such as a vehicle costs log book and connection to roadside assist services and accident / incident support. It is targeted toward grocery or petrol and convenience retail or packaged goods brands.





Introducing FuelCents: