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iMobileMedia, has its roots in 30 years of retail marketing and consumer promotion. Through Retail Marketing Services, we assisted both independent and major retailers to merchandise their stores, creating themed in-store promotions.

Over the past decade, our team have worked together, developing mobile and online platforms and promotions for major brands and retail marketers. We have created and implemented a wide variety of consumer promotion mechanics, engaging literally millions of consumers, while delivering untold value in rewards.

Today, we use this experience, together with some unique home-grown technology, to connect businesses with the people around them. iMobileMedia grow physical businesses in digital and social marketplaces, by linking digital advertising to physical sales. Our technology has been recognised in mobile commerce innovation awards at Ad-Tech San Francisco, the leading advertising technology forum in Silicon Valley.


It’s about Community + Market

iMobileMedia’s Community Market is a program designed as an efficient solution to bring community and business together and in doing so address two important challenges.

The first challenge is to help deserving causes in our local communities to raise more money. However, the impact of fundraising fatigue on family pockets can make this an imposing task. If it is not the daily telemarketing call, it is another raffle book that has to be sold, where after many weeks, sixteen of the tickets are bought by mum because nanny and Aunty Jan were the only other takers.

The second challenge is actually an important community issue that Community Market works to address, at the same time as solving the first challenge. Local independent businesses need a stronger local presence and more opportunity to compete. We risk loosing many of the small businesses that help shape our community.

Community Market presents a performance based sponsorship model, applying advertising funding to community fundraising. A Community Sponsor gets a weekly digital catalogue, plus a banner display ad and business listing, across all local Community Markets. Their weekly catalogue is also posted across the major social media networks. The sponsorship element is drawn from a small commission on sales. This style of performance based advertising, also known as affiliate advertising, is a leading advertising category for ecommerce. Applying it to sponsorship is effective for businesses, because the contribution is based on the support (sales) each business receives from all the members of each local community. What is different about the Community Market program, is that it introduces the local element. Opening performance based sponsorship to local offline (bricks & mortar) as well as online businesses.

At the heart of Community Market is our internationally recognised technology that verifies purchase transactions at local businesses. For every dollar families spend, the system automatically provides an agreed contribution from the local business sponsor, to each community’s fundraising goal.

The key to Community Market, is that it empowers meaningful, grass-roots support, without hitting people’s pockets. It enables members to make a difference every day, just by doing what they always do to supply their household. With Community Market, folks can see their contribution build every week toward their community goal. At the same time they are supporting local businesses and receiving great value for their families.

The Community Market program includes a wide range of features and digital marketing services that expands local bricks and mortar businesses into omni-channel enterprises, connected to online and mobile customers across digital marketplaces and social networks.


Important for local communities

A driving factor in the establishment of Community Market is the absence of our local independent shops and businesses in digital markets. This is a serious concern, because local independent businesses are important to maintaining a vibrant fabric across our communities. Local businesses are economically important, because when you spend money with a local business, more of the revenue remains in the local area. They are important for choice, offering a point-of-difference against the trend toward less variety and the development of homogeneous home brands, “blanding down” the shopping landscape. They are important to sustaining value, providing the benchmarks of service and price that major groups work hard to undercut – until that competition is gone.

Through the Community Market program, iMobileMedia bring vast experience, gained through running advertising and marketing campaigns for the big side of town. Independent business owners can learn from major marketers, rather than just seeing them as the enemy. Business can be a cut throat game. Investors and financial markets respond sharply to any major company that is not performing to expectations. Similarly small businesses that ignore now well established commercial trends, will naturally see business become more difficult.

The fact is that today commerce is digital, or at least heavily driven by communication through the various devices we have within arms-reach 24/7. Without exception, every major brand or business has a significant investment driving their online presence and digital communications. Every new business starting today will likely have a digital strategy.

In the case of digital commerce, you will never beat them if you don’t join them. The attractive thing about digital commerce is that can be a great leveler. Our browsers are full of examples, where a small nimble operator has carved out a market presence, with some smart creative and a unique product or local service offering, that takes the jump on the big corporate frameworks.

Community Market is operated by Independent Mobile Media Australasia Pty. Ltd. (iMobileMedia) ACN 156 647 719